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Warning!!! This site has items from dark moments in history - viewer discretion advised. Click to shop products!
Warning!!! This site has items from dark moments in history - viewer discretion advised. Click to shop products!

NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941

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Title: Rare NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941 with Heavy Silver Metal Wire Chain Links - A Historic Piece of WWII Memorabilia

Description: Item Has been polished due to severe blacking.

For the discerning collector, we are excited to offer an exceptional and rare piece of WWII memorabilia - an original NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941, complete with heavy silver metal wire chain links. This historic artifact is an exquisite representation of the Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK) and its role in the events of World War II.

Brief History:

The Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, or NSKK, was a paramilitary organization within the Nazi Party formed in 1931. Its primary mission was to train and educate its members in automotive technology and transportation, as well as to provide motorized logistical support for the various branches of the Nazi Party.

As the organization grew, so did its responsibilities. By 1939, the NSKK was involved in the transportation of personnel, supplies, and ammunition, as well as providing maintenance services for military vehicles during the war. Although the NSKK was not a combat unit, its contributions to the war effort were significant, with many of its members later serving in the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS.

The NSKK Gorget:

The NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941 is a striking piece of insignia worn around the neck by NSKK officers as a symbol of their authority and position within the organization. Made from heavy silver metal, this gorget features the iconic NSKK eagle emblem surrounded by a laurel wreath, with the letters "RMZ" and the year "1941" engraved below. The chain links, crafted from heavy silver metal wire, add to the overall elegance and distinction of this historic piece.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a genuine NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941, a remarkable piece of history that represents the significant role the NSKK played during World War II. This collectible is perfect for historians, military enthusiasts, or anyone looking to expand their collection of WWII memorabilia.


This NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941 is in excellent condition, with only minimal signs of wear. The silver metal maintains a beautiful luster, and the chain links are intact and secure. The piece has been carefully preserved, ensuring that its historical value and beauty will be appreciated for years to come.

Order now to add this rare and historically significant NSKK Gorget RMZ 1941 to your collection today!